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Master Splinter, Three Rivers. Gefällt Mal. This page is dedicated to Master Splinter (the dog)! Splinter was an abused dog; the abuse caused him. I think he has a little splinter that needs to be removed. +elchim valdevieso imagine you're a passerby in a car and see that but can't tell he's removing a splinter. master splinte

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In the TMNT cartoon , Splinter and Yoshi are combined. Master Splinter gets the chance to be human again in the episode "Splinter No More", but realizes he prefers being with the turtles. Master Splinter always has a wise quote or speech for the turtles, and often steps in with his ninja skills when the turtles are caught in a, seemingly inescapable, predicament. In Bat in the Belfry. He is a playable character in the video game , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Yoshi lost his temper and struck Saki to the ground.


master splinter making a funny - teenage mutant ninja turtles Splinter is skilled with the usage of many weapons as well as showing he is able to adept to all weapons that he can find that is around even a magazine. Despite Mikey's dimwittedness, Splinter claims that he actually shows great potential. Wie er allerdings dorthin kam, bleibt ungeklärt. Medien FilmeTV SerienComicsSpiele. Advertise Media Kit Contact.


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