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steal definition

Define steal: to take (something that does not belong to you) in a way that is wrong or illegal — steal in a sentence. ‎ Steal A Peek/look · ‎ Stealage · ‎ Steal A Glance · ‎ Beg, Borrow, Or/and Steal. Stealing is what thieves do: taking things from other people. A bank robber steals money. A mugger steals purses and wallets. People also use steal in other. Top Definition. steal. To punch someone. Yo son, that mofo be frontin. I'm gonna go steal him in his mouf. Damn son If you steal my shit, Im'a steal you bitch! 3. steal definition


Stealing Definition Lorrie would be too hard to steal from, because she sounds only like Lorrie Moore. See steal defined for English-language learners See steal defined for kids. The New, New Happiness Abigail Pogrebin March 4, A store having a sale might say, "Our prices are a steal! Weitere Synonyme von steal.

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More BuzzWords bae framily OH omega male showmance tweetheart cyber Cyrano exercise widow pheromone party BuzzWord archive. Interception of a pass, or other legal means of gaining possession of the ball from the offense. Register Log in Sign up with one click: The store manager accused the boy of stealing. He knew it was wrong to steal, but the money just lying there was too great a temptation.


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